The Beginning

A few months ago, just before the last ski season I decided that I would like to join some friends who travel to Japan in January and/or February for an extended ski holiday. This was fuelled, partly because I am fascinated by Japan and partly because I love skiing and the snow in Japan looks amazing.

Fast forward to my annual ski trip to Perisher and a re-think. After three days of skiing I was totally worn out so how would I survive two weeks in bigger mountains? My standard of skiing is nowhere near as good as the folk I was planning on going with so I would mostly be skiing on my own. Do I love skiing enough to spend much money skiing alone and relying on good weather—no I don’t think so.

Back in Canberra, telling my lovely partner Ann all about the week up at the snow and I had an ‘ah ha’ moment. ‘How would you like to go to Europe next year for a month?’. In a heartbeat she said, ‘Yes’. So the planning began.

Half the fun of these kinds of odysseys is the anticipation and the fun of preparing. Where to go, when to go, how to go and other equally as perplexing questions.

Watch this space.

Peter G

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