I’m Back!

Hello folks, well here I am at last back from my two week adventure on my new Bike Friday Air Glide. It will take a while to catch up with my blogging so be patient and don’t wast too much time at work reading about my adventures.

Friday 5 June

Its 2:00am and all sensible people are still in bed. I am many things but sensible is not one of them so I am up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. My Air Alaska flight leaves from San Francisco airport, an hour and half in a bus from Petaluma, at 7:30am, and in these days of security, security, security I have to be at the airport and checked in 90 minutes before the flight is due to leave SFO.

The bus is 15 mins late and the plane is 20 mins late but we arrive in Portland Oregon on time where I have to cool my heels over a cup of coffee and something they call a cookie in these parts for a couple of hours till my flight to Eugene leaves.

Now, I am not the greatest advocate for air travel so when I do I like to think that the plane that I am traveling in is fairly new and reliable. This is a small plane, therefore not getting many points on my aeroplane approval scale. As I settled into my seat and did all those things you do when you get into an aeroplane, you know; check the pockets for goodies, play with the little light and air nozzle, try to extract the end of the seat belt from under the obese chap sitting next to (and partially on top of) you. Suddenly I am overcome with white knuckle fear when I notice that the seat arm has an ash tray in it. How old is this rust bucket. I don’t think I opened my eyes or took another breath till we were on the ground in Eugene. So brave!

Finally at 11:30 I arrive in Eugene and for a small fee I am dropped right at the front door of the Bike Friday factory where my lovely new, bright orange, Air Glide awaits me. I am in love!

The mechanics quickly install my pedals, seat and mirror while I assemble the trailer and pack all my worldly belongings in it. All this accomplished I head out to find digs for the night in Downtown Eugene.

This is a university town and as a result there are almost as many bikes as there are cars so the cycling is superb. The town is a web of high quality bike paths which quickly deliver me to the City Centre and a superb lunch and local ale.

The next job is to find a bike shop to get some of the must have stuff like a universal tool, tail-light, puncture kit and some long tights because even though it is summer the temp is very cool. All set and I head off to find a motel which I did. The Downtown Motel on 7th and Lawrence is my pick. The bed is huge, big enough for me and my bike. Dinner and a glass of wine and it is time for bed although at 10:00pm it is still quite light but I have been up since 2:00am so – good night all.


Top Portland appears out of the clouds. This is as close to Canada as I will get on this trip.

Centre left – the Bike Friday mechanic fits all the bits that I brought along.
Centre right – who says boys cant pack a suitcase?

Bottom left – my bike.
Bottom right – my bike and me.

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