Not bad for a Technobimbo

I hear people speak of their blogs, thinking while nodding sagely, that these people have ‘arrived’ at the forefront of computer savvy. These are the internet demigods!

I was given to wonder; what is a blog and can it be cured? Why would I want a blog even if I knew what one was? Can I clear a bloggage once I have one? I then discovered that ‘interesting’ people had blogs and immediately I wanted one even if just to appear to be interesting. Well I will be bloggered if I will be left out, so here is MY BLOG aka PETEONABIKE.
In the ensuing pages you will be gripped by the adventures of your humble correspondent on his pushbike – somewhere. Or perhaps be reduced to laughter at some of the inane things that a geriatric cyclist will do in the normal course of his cyclopaedic adventures. Whatever! I hope to be able to keep you informed as to where I am and what I am doing even if is just to ensure that if I do get lost at least you will be able to tell my rescuers that I was last seen on a bright orange Bike Friday Air Glide near …
As a teaser I offer  you some snippets from my most recent bicycle adventure although I hasten to add that it was nearly a non-adventure.
Last Wednesday, 22 April, was the beginning of the beginning of the third Pedal Power Pub Crawl aka PPPC. This is the third PPPC and this year began at Junee, just north of Wagga Wagga in NSW. The PPPC is organised by Annie McDevitt and yours truly and this year starred 40 of the best from Pedal Power ACT. This ride is bicycle touring in its purest form – no sag wagon, no out and back rides and no cushy coffee stops till the end of each day. Each participant must carry all that they need for 4 days of cycling including food and re-hydration for the day. My tote was about 12 kilos but I didn’t need to carry my hair dryer. I kid you not; there was more than one hairdryer secreted away in panniers and backpacks. 
However I digress. You may recall that I wrote earlier, ‘… it was nearly a non- adventure’, let me explain.
Much planning must go into an event of this magnitude and many a cyclist has arrived at the start point of a ride sans helmet or cycling shoes, gloves or water bottles but very few have arrived with a machine designed for two wheels but with only one. Yep that’s right folks, yours truly left his front wheel on the counter of his LBS (local bike shop) 200 kilometres away.
This embarrassing discovery was made in the company of two of my cycling companions who, to their credit, showed an appropriate amount of concern and sympathy albeit with the corners of their mouths twitching. I am sure they are still rolling around on the floor laughing.
Soon I was Wagga Wagga bound, credit card in hand while the others set off for their first day on the road, in the opposite direction. Three hours and $174 later I too was Temora bound but I did get the last laugh because by the time I was on the road the wind had dropped to a gentle cooling breeze. I arrived at Temora after a great day in the saddle to show off my lovely shiny new wheel and recount the tale of the missing wheel. Sigh! People can be so cruel sometimes.
More about our trip soon.

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