Who am I

I am not new to the blogging world having set up a blog in early 2009 and then recording most of my trip to the US later that year.
I am an Aussie; born in Canberra and have lived here for most of that time. In 1958 when I was almost 8 the family followed dad’s job prospects and moved to what was then just a series of tacky villages linked by a huge mangrove swamp; it was called Surfers Paradise or more correctly the ‘Gold Coast’. We lived in one of the more picturesque of the towns called Broadbeach, an aptly named place as the beach was indeed broad and the dunes reached almost right back to the pacific highway. Alas that is all now buried under acres of bling and crumbling concrete.

After a short stay of two years the folks got the wanderlust and headed off to New Guinea after depositing my older brother and myself in a boarding school at Eagle Heights in what they now call the Gold Coast Hinterland (real estate agents, you have to love them) but was then called Tamborine Mountain. The school was formed in the early years of the second world war when, St Mary’s Marist Brothers College Ashgrove became an r&r place for US soldiers on leave from winning the pacific war single handed. After the war, the senior students went back to Ashgrove and the babes (up to and including year 6) were left behind. Eagle Heights was an idyllic place to live and in hindsight I think I got my appreciation for natural beauty from my time there and also from my holidays in New Guinea. For the record I hated boarding school.

Moving along to 1965, the folks were offered a spot in Mt Isa so they decided to take it up and at the beginning of the 66 school year I left boarding school and moved to Mt Isa where I was schooled at the Christian Brothers School just down the road. St Kieran’s I think it was. At the end of 66 things were not good at home so I was shot off to boarding school at Ashgrove again where I lasted one term. The folks went separate ways and I was taken back to Canberrra where I have lived ever since.

I love Canberra and don’t mind living in Queanbeyan but sometimes I get a hankering to live somewhere else.

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